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Golden Elixir Productions

P.O. Box 3240 

Ashland, OR 97520


this is golden elixir productions.

award winning films

 The Lost Secret of Immortality


Directed and produced by Barclay Powers, 

The Lost Secret of Immortality takes viewers on a spiritual journey to discover the source of enlightenment within themselves using stunning visual imagery and animation.


The Lost Secret of Immortality explores the evolution of consciousness and the ultimate potential of humanity. The mysteries of sexual yoga, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Body of Light and their connection to spiritual awakening are finally revealed.


Tantric enlightenment is explained scientifically for the first time and the viewer is led on an enlightened journey beyond their wildest dreams into the heart of the Tao.



Martial Arts: Secrets of the asian masters


Produced and directed by Myrlino Hufana and Barclay Powers, Martial Arts: Secrets of the Asian Masters is a comprehensive look at the art of combat. Martial Arts: Secrets of the Asian Masters is a film that investigates South East Asian fighting systems. Martial Arts: Secrets of the Asian Masters captures the essence of the Filipino warrior traditions and provides an inside look at the lethal traditional fighting systems of the Philippines.


The film takes a look into the fascinating world of traditional weapons makers, and the training of some of the fiercest young fighters and their teachers going beyond specific styles and regions to explore the true spirit of Filipino fighting systems.