after a tragic accident...

our new graphic novel: How to kill A psychotic god a genetic engineering lab, a young scientist named Kelly is hired to fill the spot of the revered Dr. Terrence. She soon makes a discovery that will change her life and help her to save the entire city of Helios. Will she be able to face her fears and re-think her entire existence, or will she be sacrificed to the insane deity of the futuristic Zendar Cult?


 Join a cast of scientists, skeptics, soldiers and priests on an epic journey through parallel dimensions, alien civilizations, hallucinogenic journeys and ancient alchemical wisdom, and discover that the keys to freedom can only be found hidden inside our deepest fears.


How To Kill A Psychotic God will reveal for the first time the forbidden truth of the ancient legends, the mysteries of the occult, the ultimate paradigm shift, the science of sexual Buddhahood, the secret of the golden flower, and the massive consciousness singularity, which is happening right now.


Although the story is fiction, it will tell you the truth about who you are, and change you forever in the process.


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It's been some time since we released our award winning documentary, The Lost Secret of Immortality. Since then, we have done a ton of research on enlightenment and the mystical secrets of tantric sexual yoga. We've put all of these TRUE ideas and more into a science fiction graphic novel called How To Kill A Psychotic God and we would like to ask you to join our Kickstarter campaign to make this a reality.

after a tragic 


our new

graphic novel: how to kill a psychotic god

We are proud to announce... that Dr. Frank Amthor will be joining our graphic novel as a contributing artist and scientific collaborator! Dr. Amthor is the author of Neuroscience for Dummies and Neurobiology for Dummies. He is also an award winning science fiction graphic artist whose work has been featured at OmegaCon, DragonCon08, Constellation and Imagicon, and has been used as cover art on several zines by Sam's Dot Publishing.


after a tragic accident...