How to Kill a psychotic god

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A QUESTION and answer session with writer barclay powers:




Question: What is How To Kill A Psychotic God about?

Answer: How To Kill A Psychotic God is about a revolutionary scientific discovery in the future that totally changes the meaning of what it is to be human. Our main character Kelly attempts to use this discovery to overthrow the oppressive militaristic surveillance state in which everyone unknowingly lives as a mind controlled, brainwashed citizen-slave.


Q: Who is this Psychotic God?

A: Without giving away too much of the plot, the psychotic god is a secret invention by the military police state that is used to control the populace.


Q: What is the forbidden science of superhuman abilities?

A: This is the lost knowledge of fully activating the latent powers of the human nervous system and brain.


Q: Are you saying I can activate the powers of my own body by reading this graphic novel?

A: We're trying to enable the reader to discover the superhero which has always been your true identity at the deepest level of yourself. We are explaining the secret of Himalayan tantric enlightenment within the context of a future civilization.


Q: Is this scientifically real?

A: We are working with Dr. Frank Amthor, author of , who specializes in the study of metacognition (the highest level of consciousness development). We are intentionally creating a work based on art becoming life, and we are aiming to predict a future paradigm shift through the medium of science fiction. We are exploring consciousness in a way that they has never been considered before.


Q: Who does the art?

A: We're working with a team of artists is led by Eugene Perez Jr., best known for his work with 451 Media Group. 


Q: Who is Golden Elixir Productions?

A: Golden Elixir Productions is a team of award winning writers, producers, and filmmakers that explores  extreme mysticism and super-consciousness within the context of independent transformational art and design.


Q: When can I get a copy?

A: When we fund our Kickstarter, we will be shipping out copies by the middle of 2017.



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