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Golden Elixir Productions has spent the last decade exploring the deepest levels and potential of the human psyche in terms of both theory and direct experiential practice. Our company is unique in its capacity to combine the extreme mysticism of hallucinogenic shamanism, Gnostic enlightenment, inner alchemical yoga and contemplative neuroscience, and tantric super consciousness. Our approach to themes of super consciousness and ancient lost forbidden truths represent an integration of Eastern and Western models of extreme experimental mysticism and scientific super intelligence.

Past, present & future

Many of these projects represent a strong futurist counterculture perspective that is intended to liberate human consciousness from the normal confines of Western reductionist materialist mediocrity. Our current projects foresee a future consciousness singularity within the context of contemplative neuroscience and popular culture worldwide. We anticipate a post materialist model of human consciousness evolution and potential, and have created a neuroscience based mind/body training system that enables each individual to successfully achieve complete self actualization.

Sex, Drugs & Democracy

This award winning provocative documentary has amazing interviews with everyone from government officials, police officers, clergy and scientists, drug dealers, prostitutes and brothel owners. The film is notable for its exploration of personal freedom within the context of a progressive democratic Western European society. It’s considered to be one of the best films to have ever been made about Holland.

Martial Arts: Secrets of the Asian Masters

Martial Arts: Secrets of the Asian Masters captures the essence of Filipino warrior traditions. A comprehensive look at these combat arts, Martial Arts: Secrets of the Asian Masters investigates a variety of fighting systems throughout the Philippines. The film is a historical record of unique martial arts systems that live on today through strong efforts to preserve these ancient fighting arts.

The Lost Secret of Immortality Book

True enlightenment is the lost secret underlying the history of the human race. The Lost Secret of Immortality book explores the evolution of consciousness and the ultimate potential of the human mind. The mysteries of tantric enlightenment and the Philosopher’s Stone represent a future scientific paradigm shift that may change humanity forever!

Anarchy TV

Anarchy TV is a unique political comedy that features the entire family of the late legendary musician Frank Zappa. This award winning film explores a variety of controversial issues in the form of an upbeat and rollicking tongue in cheek comedic adventure.

The Lost Secret of Immortality Graphic Novel

This graphic novel, based on the movie The Lost Secret of Immortality by Barclay Powers, presents the long-hidden power of practicing sexual yoga to achieve tantric enlightenment. It explores both the Body of Light and the secret of the magical Philosopher’s Stone in the process of revealing a forbidden truth which underlies secret societies.


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How To Kill A Psychotic God Graphic Novel

This is the first science fiction graphic novel that explains and anticipates a future consciousness singularity within Western science in the 21st century. This revolutionary story is the first graphic novel that fully explains the unimaginable secret of occult science within the context of the heroine’s enlightened journey to liberate the super conscious force underlying the human race. 

Killing The Buddha Motion Comic

This digital comic version of The Lost Secret of Immortality graphic novel created by Golden Elixir Productions and released by Ave!Comics uses unique animation to allow you to experience this revolutionary exploration of forbidden truth like never before on your tablets and smart phones. Download it and be amazed!

Collecting America

This award winning film explores the psychological dimensions of sports card collecting. It features a unique variety of interviews that showcases American baseball and memorabilia in a way that has not been explored before.

super intelligence in theory & practice

Touch Images

The Lost Secret of Immortality is the first film to explore the ultimate evolution of spiritual awakening, and takes the viewer on a personal journey of self-discovery beyond the edge of reality. From the secret of tantric enlightenment and sexual yoga, to Tai Chi and the body of light, the mesmerizing visual effects take you on a visionary quest into the heart of hidden mystic truth.